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Consumer financing we are offering is providing a business with the ability to give credit to their clients or customers so they in turn can buy your product or service.

We are turning your consumers who would not have the ability to afford what you offer with the opportunity to purchase from you using the credit we offer them through you.  Using our consumer financing will give you the freedom to close more business deals because more of your customers have the ability to pay for it.

We supply "no recourse" funding. This means we qualify your consumer for the financing of your product or service, giving them the money, and then it is our responsibility to collect from your customer.  You nor your business will have no further responsibility to collect or have any liability in the servicing of the loan.  We supply the money, you get another closed sale and grow your business.   It’s that simple.

Recent Studies
A recent study tells us that 61% of American families do not have cash on hand to cover a $500 emergency.  This highlights the importance of having a good consumer financing service if what you offer can run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars.  With so many Americans not having much for disposable income and savings, offering a customer financing option is great for your business.

We suggest you advertise that you offer customer financing so people who are looking for what you offer will know there are options available to them, and they are more likely to visit your store.  Many of our merchants have large signs in their windows that state FINANCING AVAILABLE.  If you are in any of the automotive trades such as brake repair, transmissions, body work, mechanical, sports or a tire shop, let shoppers know you offer consumer financing and increase your sales.

How it Works
Here's how it works.  Customer wants to buy what you are selling, and they need to finance the purchase. Have them apply for the financing online right there in your store, and you will get an approval in less than a minute.  You tell the customer they have been approved.  You finish the transaction and the customer signs off.  You have a happy customer and the money is in your account in less than 24 hours. Every customer you speak to should know you offer consumer financing, you are increasing the purchasing power of your customer. How many more sales could you have if you offered consumer financing to your customers?

Call us now!
Call us right now!  Let's discuss your financing needs.  We're here to help and can explain the process to you. It is simple, really. You collect your money with the purchase, and we collect the payments from the customer.We supply “no recourse” customer financing.  This means that after we supply the money, it is our responsibility to get paid by the buyer (except in cases of fraud). You have no responsibility to repay the financing. Every business is unique…but most have the same recurring problem… their customer needs to finance his purchases.  So lets solve this together.  Let us get you the customer financing solution that is the best for your business. You are in the business of providing products and/or services. We are in the business of supplying money.  So why not be partners and increase your revenue.

Call us now – We want to supply the money. With No Recourse…

How many more sales could you have if you offered consumer financing to your customers?

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